Service Contracts

A Service Contract Will Save You Time, Money and Aggravation

A service contract from C & M Air Conditioning helps recognize and correct issues that can cause extensive damage before they happen. It assures your heating and/or air conditioning system are running at peak efficiency all year long.

We tailor each of our maintenance contracts specifically to your home.  We outline all your needs and review them thoroughly with you to avoid any surprises in the future.

Essential services you can count on.

Our service contracts are created to provide you with what is truly important, leaving unnecessary and extra cost items out. Our service contracts include:

  • No additional cost preventative maintenance visits
  • Discounted labor rates for needed repairs
  • Reduced pricing on replacement parts

First, C & M Air Conditioning uses their proprietary investment proposal questionnaire and checklist to identify exactly what services you need and any optional accessories you want.  For an installation of a new system, we start with an investment proposal.  C & M Air Conditioning offers a planned service contract.

The summer cooling planned service includes:

  • Replace or wash filter as required *
  • Wash condenser coil
  • Lubricate accessible bearings
  • Check condition of condenser fan blade and motor
  • Check fan belt-adjust or replace as needed *
  • Check unit wiring condition and connections
  • Check compressor contractor condition
  • Check operation of controls and safeties
  • Check Freon charge *
  • Check condenser fan motor amp draw
  • Check compressor amp draw
  • Check for proper temperature rise at condenser coil
  • Check indoor blower controls
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check for proper temperature drop at indoor coil
  • Check blower belt and pullies *
  • Check blower motor amp draw
  • Lubricate accessible bearings
  • Check room thermostat

*Filters, belts and Freon extra charges


The winter heating planned service includes:

  • Replace or wash filter as required *
  • Check furnace area gas lines for damage or leaks
  • Check pilot ignitor and control operation-adjust as needed
  • Check pilot flame and safeties-clean and adjust as needed
  • Check burner lighting and flame-clean and adjust as needed
  • Check gas valve, controls and safeties operations
  • Check heater fan control-adjust as needd
  • Check condition of vent pipe in furnace area
  • Check for proper furnace vent operation
  • Check combustion air fan operation-clean and adjust as needed.  Also check for carbon use and leaks.
  • Check furnace closet for proper combustion air venting
  • Check condition and connections of wiring in furnace
  • Check blower motor amp draw
  • Check pullies for alignment and tightness of set screws
  • Check fan belt conditions *
  • Lubricate all accessible bearings
  • Check room thermostat

*Filters and belts extra charge

All service technicians utilize C & M Air Conditioning’s Planned Service Maintenance Check Sheet to ensure that everything is addressed and checked.

The service contract is tailored to your needs and desires.  It states that C & M Air Conditioning will provide the necessary labor and maintenance material to perform a comprehensive maintenance to your equipment periodically (frequency to be determined by you), and it states the cost per service per unit.  It includes a 15% discount on all repair parts and preferential emergency service.  Parts and repairs required beyond this agreement are not included.  C & M Air Conditioning will maintain a complete record of all maintenance and repairs and will provide written invoices upon completion of any work.

Utilizing C & M Air Conditioning’s Service Contract ensures that your air conditioning and/or heating system will operate at peak efficiency at all times.

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